We help Christians follow Jesus while living with money.

Financial planning for the glory of God

God's calling on your life is too important to let money-confusion get in the way.

We care about you and your spiritual growth

The Bible will be our guide.

We'll answer your questions.

We'll help you take action.

How it works

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This book is needed. I want my adult children to read it. ...your particular application of the gospel to money is among the best I've read... I've found it clarifying, strengthening, encouraging, and convicting, and have come away feeling more equipped to steward what God has financially entrusted to me.

Jon Bloom - Co-founder, desiringGod.org; Author - Don't Follow Your Heart, Things Not Seen

Where We Fit

Personal Study

Money and the Gospel is perfectly suited for personal study. In fact, we have created a free "guided study" area just for you - see it HERE

Group Study

Money and the Gospel is designed to be the core reference tool in a group study that helps Christians follow Jesus while living with money. And we have all the support you will need. Find out more HERE

Bring Me In

I'm available to come in and support your effort to make disciples. You'll find more information about this HERE


When you sign up for our updates, you will also receive Twelve Biblical Characters and Their Money. We look at how these folks are connected to money and what we can learn from them. The lessons are actually seen from carefully examining the stories.

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