Being Frugal Is Good If The Goal Is Righteous,

Wasted Frugality

Wasted Frugality Just because we might be frugal doesn't mean we are living the way we should. Frugality is usually thought of as a disposition toward minimizing expenses and living on less. The dictionary often connects frugal living to reducing…

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Money – Spiritual vs Secular

Even as Christians, living in this world can lead us to adopt an earthly vision for how things work. We can easily build two compartments for life – the spiritual and the secular. This leads to living as if some…

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Serving Money Is Not Compatible With Serving God.

Are You Serving Money? – 4 questions

Are You Serving Money? - 4 questions Serving money rather than God is a core problem Remember the Bible story of the sincere and virtuous rich ruler who was serving money and wanted to be sure of his salvation (Luke…

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Humility Would you like Jesus to be everything to you? Would you like intimate friendship with your creator? I’d like you to know one thing this morning – as your disposition conforms to what is appropriate and pleasing to God,…

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The Struggles with Giving to the Poor

The Struggles with Giving to the Poor There are many problems and conflicts when we think about giving to the poor. And two of the biggest challenges are that we don’t know exactly know how much we should give and…

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Debt Consolidation Can Have Long-term Risks.

4 Risks of Debt and Debt Consolidation

4 Risks of Debt and Debt Consolidation While the use of debt or debt consolidation can be tempting, beware of the risks Are you looking to God first as you live life? Do you make decisions as you look to…

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How the Resurrection Helps Us Think About Money

How the Resurrection Helps Us Think About Money The resurrection brings with it God’s full confirmation of all that Jesus accomplished on the cross. His sacrifice was accepted by God as the complete and finished payment for sin. If Jesus’…

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Our Deep Desire Should Be To Give God Everything.

GIVING EVERYTHING TO GOD First, I want you to know that I’m am grateful to God for this church. I’m grateful to be in the company of believers who are earnestly striving to live lives that are worthy of the gospel. And I’m…

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Everyone Needs A Budget.


A Simple, Functional Budget This simple system will help the Christian budget in a way that easily solves many problems. Please watch this short video to see how anyone can get a handle on their spending. Even though budgeting can…

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