A Guided Study

A GUIDED STUDY INTRO SESSION #1 SESSION#2 INTRODUCTION First - Pray that the Holy Spirit would work through this study so that your financial planning would bring glory to God. Second - Watch this introductory video https://vimeo.com/288867130 Third - Answer…

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Seeing Jesus' Words Clearly Is Light.

Healthy Eyes and Money

Healthy Eyes and Money The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.…

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Bidcoin Is Very Risky.

Bitcoin: Should Christians Invest

Should Christians invest In Bitcoin? All things cryptocurrency can be difficult to understand and some time ago I received a question about its suitability for the Christian. I found this to be a very good question because it tests: The…

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Being Frugal Is Good If The Goal Is Righteous,

Wasted Frugality

Wasted Frugality Just because we might be frugal doesn't mean we are living the way we should. Frugality is usually thought of as a disposition toward minimizing expenses and living on less. The dictionary often connects frugal living to reducing…

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Money – Spiritual vs Secular

Money - Spiritual vs Secular Even as Christians, living in this world can lead us to adopt an earthly vision for how things work. It’s easy to build two compartments for life – the spiritual and the secular. This leads…

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Serving Money Is Not Compatible With Serving God.

Are You Serving Money? (4 questions)

Are You Serving Money? (4 questions) Serving money rather than God is a core problem Remember the Bible story of the sincere and virtuous rich ruler who was serving money and wanted to be sure of his salvation (Luke 18)?…

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https://vimeo.com/334204046 Would you like Jesus to be everything to you? Would you like intimate friendship with your creator? I’d like you to know one thing this morning – as your disposition conforms to what is appropriate and pleasing to God,…

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The Struggles with Giving to the Poor

The Struggles with Giving to the Poor There are many problems and conflicts when we think about giving to the poor. And two of the biggest challenges are that we don’t know exactly know how much we should give and…

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