Debt Consolidation Can Have Long-term Risks.

4 Risks of Debt and Debt Consolidation

While the use of debt or debt consolidation can be tempting, beware of the risks Are you looking to God first as you live life? Do you make decisions as you look to Scripture and pray, or do you function…

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How the Resurrection Helps Us Think About Money

The resurrection brings with it God’s full confirmation of all that Jesus accomplished on the cross. His sacrifice was accepted by God as the complete and finished payment for sin. If Jesus’ claims like he can forgive sin (Mark 2:10),…

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Our Deep Desire Should Be To Give God Everything.

Do You Want to Give God Everything? As Christians, we should welcome the thought of giving everything to Jesus. While this is not easy - it takes tons of faith - it should be in us thanks to the Holy Spirit. Give a listen and let…

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Everyone Needs A Budget.


This simple system will help the Christian budget in a way that easily solves many problems. Please watch this short video to see how anyone can get a handle on their spending. Even though budgeting can be a real pain,…

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Handling Your Money Living Like A Missionary.


The Christian lifestyle shows what we value Even as we strive to live lives that exalt Jesus and have an impact for the Kingdom, it’s easy to sidestep this question. How should we think about our Christian lifestyle? As I…

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Loving Your Neighbor Will Impact One's Finances.


Loving money and loving your neighbor correctly cannot exist together There is an undeniable reality; loving your neighbor - or not - is linked to the we think about and handle wealth and it's a window into our relationship with…

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You Cannot Love Both God And Money.

THE RICH RULER (commendable but lost)

The rich young ruler failed the ultimate test Jesus exposed the heart of the rich young ruler. We can fool everyone around us and meet the best expectations of society while still being lost. Like Judas, we can walk with…

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The Prosperity Gospel Is Difficult For Everyone.

THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL (a struggle for everyone)

Believing the prosperity gospel will kill a proper vision of following Jesus. The prosperity gospel is a belief or a conviction that God would have his children experience financial prosperity. In a positive sense, this means that God’s design is…

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Gospel Change Is Difficult.


Change for the sake of Jesus is never easy because it requires that we live by faith. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. For which of you, desiring to build a…

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Financial Stress Can Impact Every Area Of Life.


Financial stress can easily move our life's focus toward money. Count it all joy my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. - James 1:2-3 For many, financial…

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