Bring Me In


Here's how I can help by coming to you

A New Voice

As you work to move the gospel into the lives of your church sometimes it helps to use an “outside” voice. Because this is such an important issue for everyone (we all struggle with our relationship to money) we need as much help as we can get. My goal is to complement your efforts as you care for believers and point them to Jesus.

Emphasizing the importance of this topic

Being faithful with money is critically important to living as a disciple. When you bring in someone who has devoted years to this issue, you’re telling the congregation that this is important.

A Different Context

I travel the country and speak to thousands of people every year about money and financial strategy. This gives me a unique context for the discussion. Because I understand money from a secular perspective I have credibility in delivering a Jesus-first message. By combining real life issues and struggles and stories with an unwavering commitment to Christ it's my prayer that others will be compelled to rethink how they think about money.

Training Those Who Might Lead This Discussion

Because Money and the Gospel materials were designed to be used in a small groups as well as by the individual, by coming to you I can train those who might forward this discussion in the future. As leaders in your church, you have the critical obligation to make sure that congregant-lead classes are biblically faithful. Just because someone might work with investments or insurance or taxes does not mean they have the right vision for this discussion. In fact, it’s easy for financial folks – or anyone – to get this very wrong.

The core to thinking about money the way we should is not tactical (saving for retirement, paying off debt, knowing about insurance, etc.), it’s spiritual. If our lives are all about joyfully serving King Jesus in everything, most of the financial planning issues become fairly easy to deal with.

We must not get sucked in to the false premise that the money discussion is about money. If this becomes the message, we are no different than any secular financial planner.

Helpful Feedback

Because I want you to better understand the financial concerns of your congregation, I have developed a survey system that can isolate the dominating financial issues of your people. After I’m done you will get a report from me that helps you make sense of this. I'll help you look at various age-groups and in your church and how their concerns compare to those of other churches.

On Call for You

After we’re done, I am completely available to you or your group leaders for further discussion. I’m just a phone call or email away.

What does a typical agenda look like?

While the agenda can be designed to meet your needs, often there are at least two elements; smaller group meetings, and a sermon. I will often conduct group meeting(s) on a Saturday and/or Sunday and deliver the sermon on Sunday. But again, there is no one agenda that must work for everyone.

I do ask that you make this a big deal thing. I have introduction videos you can play in the preceding weeks and I can provide a flyer for you to print and hand out. Since this is such a critical issue, I would like to see pre-event build-up.

What does it cost to bring me out?

This effort is not an income source. This is the ministry God has given me and I want to be used to further the cause of Christ in the lives of believers. As such, there is no set cost. If you want more information or if you simply want to talk about this, CONTACT ME and we’ll talk about it.

For additional context you might want to listen to a sermon I gave called Giving God Everything