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Waldean is available to conduct a one-day, Money and the Gospel event. This is typically three or four sessions that walk attendees through a flow-of-thought on the importance of thinking about and handling money from a gospel-first perspective.

It’s designed to engage attendees on major biblical concepts like being a disciple, stewardship, missions, walking by faith, etc. God willing, the Spirit will grow those who attend. We’re praying for:

  • an increased grasp of the beauty and magnitude and call of the gospel. We’re anticipating changed lives that long to live for Jesus in every area of life – especially in their finances.
  • courage to make difficult financial changes from a joyful heart that is trusting God to keep his promises

An event like this can also serve as a primer for the church that wants to conduct Money and the Gospel classes.

If this is something that might serve you, please initiate contact ASAP for more information. Due to limited availability and tight schedules, these events often need to be booked months in advance.


The beauty of an event like this is that it gives folks time to hear and absorb the context of the money discussion as well as the money-specific challenges. The four sessions generally follow this order:

  1. The gospel and its connection to money
  2. The biblical context and vision for money
  3. Common struggles and questions
  4. Taking faith-driven action

This one-day meeting – topics, time, and number of sessions – can be adjusted to suit your needs

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