I'd love to speak at your "money event". Often this is a series of short talks designed to engage attendees on major biblical concepts like being a disciple, stewardship, missions, walking by faith, etc. God willing, the Spirit will grow those who attend. We're praying for:

  • an increased grasp of the beauty and magnitude and call of the gospel
  • changed lives that long to live for Jesus in every area of life - especially in their finances.
  • courage to make difficult financial changes from a joyful heart that is trusting God to keep his promises

Often these talks are delivered on the weekend where I can also deliver the Sunday sermon. But all of this can be designed to meet your needs and schedule.

What I try to do is help folks absorb the context of the money discussion as well as the money-specific challenges. We'll often follow the general outline of the book Money and the Gospel:

  1. The gospel and its connection to money
  2. The biblical context and vision for money
  3. Common struggles and questions
  4. Taking faith-driven action

If this is something that might serve you, please initiate contact ASAP for more information.