The Book

Money and the Gospel helps real people be better disciples. If we never sort out how we should think about and handle money, there will be a big deficit in our walk with Jesus.

  • Understand how the gospel is meant to impact on every aspect of life
  • Simplify decision-making
  • Reorganize priorities
  • Reduce money-confusion
  • Take Action

The key to handling money the way we should and moving forward is found in the gospel moving into our lives.

"This book is needed. I want my adult children to read it. ...your particular application of the gospel to money is among the best I've read... I've found it clarifying, strengthening, encouraging, convicting, and have come away feeling more equipped to steward what God has financially entrusted to me."

Jon Bloom - Co-founder -; Author - Don't Follow Your Heart, Things Not Seen

"In my humble opinion, this is the best book on personal finances that's out there." - Jake Buss - Pastor Journey Church

"I wanted to express my thanks to your work on Money & The Gospel. I was on track doing a Dave Ramsey plan but my mind was overly consumed with the thought of my finances and my money became an idol. Dave has a great course/plan but I felt as a Christian I was enslaved to the thought of my money. In search of a biblical basis on money, I stumbled upon your website through Desiring God. I ordered the book right away and my wife and I are so thankful for it. With the gospel as the foundation, I was able to renounce money as the idol it was, This book has shown us the scriptures and what God says about money and has allowed us to continue to dig into scripture to become stewards for God in all aspects through a solid reformed biblical lens. Thank you for your time and work."

John Bonilla, Roasted and Reformed Podcast